The San Diego-Tijuana Border Initiative offers sister organizations translation and interpretation assistance including translation of documents from English to Spanish or Spanish to English as well as personal interpretation at meetings, press conferences or community events.

Training and Technical Assistance for Public Health Policy Development

Border Initiative staff can provide community presentations and workshops to organize community residents regarding public health policy development. In addition, staff is trained to work with policy makers and public officials on the importance of crafting public health policies and ordinances that Project and enhance public health. Training and Technical Assistance is always customized and can cover a variety of public health topics including: tobacco control, substance abuse prevention, substance abuse treatment, HIV/AIDS prevention, environmental education and survey research.

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Fiscal Agency Services

The Border Initiative provides fiscal agency services to community organizations or coalitions who are not established as 501(c) (3) organizations and whose mission or purpose is in alignment with the Border Initiative's mission. Fees range from 10% to 15% of the total budget with a maximum annual fee of $7,500.00. Average fees are $1,500.00 to $2,500.00.

Currently the Border Initiative serves as the fiscal agency for the South Bay Cinco de Mayo Con Orgullo Para La Familia Coalition.

The mission of the Cinco de Mayo con Orgullo campaign is to promote the true meaning of the Cinco de Mayo holiday while reducing instances of violence, crime, underage drinking, and DUI citations in the South Bay. The goals of the program are to: (1) stop sponsorship/advertisements that encourage binge drinking, underage drinking and heavy consumption of alcohol and, which target the Hispanic/Latino community and (2) promote a greater awareness of the negative impact alcohol and tobacco advertising has on the Hispanic/Latino and other ethnic communities and (3) reduce alcohol and tobacco abuse among Hispanic/Latino and other ethnic communities.

In addition to meeting its programmatic goals, the South Bay Cinco de Mayo Con Orgullo Para La Familia Coalition holds an annual "Cinco de Mayo festival" in National City. The annual festival is among the largest and most prestigious alcohol, tobacco and drug-free event in the region and is supported by community members, the City of National City, County Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Greg Cox, COX communications EXA FM and El Latino among others.